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The Olympic Region Harmful Algal Bloom (ORHAB) project began in the summer of 2000. This multi-agency, multidisciplinary project is sponsored by the National Ocean Service's (NOS) National Center of Coastal Ocean Science and is a partnership with the Northwest Fisheries Science Center. The goal of ORHAB is to develop a cost-effective monitoring program for HABs, to be taken over by state managers and tribes at the end of five years (2000-2005). The current focus of ORHAB is on monitoring the toxic organism Pseudo-nitzschia and the toxin, domoic acid, produced by some Pseudo-nitzschia species. To learn more about the project visit the ORHAB Home Page.

As a partner in ORHAB, we have been attempting to characterize the physical conditions associated with production of toxic blooms, along with transport processes from the Juan de Fuca Eddy to the Washington coast through the use of observational data and numerical modeling studies. To access data or learn more about our efforts on behalf of ORHAB, click on the links on the left.


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